Fun Activities for Kids at the Beach

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GazziliWorld learning games for kids takes us to the Beach! For those who have experienced our flagship app GazziliWords, you might remember that Tyler is prepared for fun activities at the beach…the sporty ones!   He brings a bathing suit and goggles and even a surfboard when heading out for a beach day. But we’ve been looking into this and we are finding that there are many other interesting and educational activities for families with young kids who are going to spend a day at the beach. The endless stretch of sand can serve as a giant playground, perfect for learning about nature and even doing some craft projects while you are there. So put on your sunscreen and get ready for some fun ideas!

at the beach

Fun things to do at the beach

Why not give each kid his own disposable camera for the day and let him take pictures of whatever he wants. It can be of the waves breaking on the shore, or beautiful seashells or a gorgeous cloud formation, anything at all! It might even be of little sister or brother playing in the sand. Later when the photos are developed, let your young photographer arrange his photos in a special photo album or scrapbook. This is a great way to learn about preserving happy memories.

at the beach

Playing Tic –Tac-Toe in the wet sand near the waters edge can be a really cool kids game. The object is to complete it before the next wave washes it away! This is a perfect game for preschoolers looking to stay cool on a super hot beach day.

at the beach

Collecting seashells is always a perfect pastime for kids playing at the beach. It can be part of a nature walk. So many shapes and sizes and names to learn about! makes the great suggestion of making the small shells(preferably found with a tiny hole at one end to eliminate any drilling) into a necklace by stringing them on to colorful dental floss! And if you want to go all out, budding jewelry designers can even paint the shells before stringing them. And if that’s not enough for color, why not add some pom-poms or large beads you might have on hand.

at the beach

Another great art project , a ‘Zen’ Sandbox, can be made easily by bringing along a sturdy box to the beach- maybe even a shoebox. Fill it with clean sand spread out evenly. Then the kids can collect shells and stones and even beach glass, and they can create their own ‘garden’ on the sand by arranging groupings of the different elements. This might be the most relaxing activity of the day!

We think that now you might have enough activities to keep those preschoolers busy for a great day at the beach!   Have fun everyone and please remember to always wear sunscreen at the beach!

Hugs from your Friends at GazziliWorld

Swimming Lessons for Kids and how to Prevent Drowning

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Drowning is a fear many parents face at some point. You want to keep your child safe in the water, but are not certain of how to do that at all times. We already know of basic ways to ensure that your child does not find his or her way into water when alone. This includes removing easy access to a pool, having someone watch the child when around water, and always having a buddy and the proper swimming equipment when in the water, and even having a fence around your pool. All of this will help to prevent drowning, but the most effective method is to invest in swimming lessons. Lessons will provide basic safety knowledge and help every child to swim with minimal risk of drowning.

Swimming lessons

The best way to prevent drowning is a thorough understanding of how to swim and how to handle oneself in the water. For a child, basic safety knowledge can take them far. This will allow the child to handle the water without any worries. If they do have any trouble in the water, this knowledge will kick in and help to correct the situation as soon as possible. Swimming lessons offer this information in a way suited to kids. Lessons will deliver the message and tools in an effective way that they will understand, helping them more than dialogue alone could.

Swimming lessons are best taught in the water

One of the biggest draws of swimming lessons is the fact that they provide hands-on attention in a pool. To avoid drowning, a child has to learn how to swim in water. Simply talking about swimming and knowing what to do from a logical standpoint is not enough. A child may already understand the dangers of the water and the basics of swimming from what he or she has seen, but they will not know how to swim on their own. With lessons in a pool from professionals, they can develop their muscles and mind. They will learn how to swim and have the ability to swim.

Swimming lessons


Swimming lessons are widely available. If you want to lower the risk of drowning and if you want to prepare your child for the water, these swimming lessons are the way to go and your child is never to young to begin the learning process. You will have a professional offering these lessons, ensuring that the child has the knowledge and skills necessary to go into the water. Professionals are caring, capable individuals who can help your child the most. This is learning through experience and actual work in a pool.

Accidental drownings are the number one killer of children from the ages of one to four years. Here are some very important tips on water safety from the Today Show. A drowning can occur in a split second and in most situations every second counts. It is best to swim in a pool with a life guard present. These instructions will give you an idea of how to save a life when you are swimming at a pool where isn’t a lifeguard.

Have fun during the summer and always remember to be safe!

From your friends at GazziliWorld


Learning games for kids that keep them busy when traveling!

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Traveling with young children is always an adventure, but you really have to stay on your toes to make sure the adventure is a pleasant one. It’s a known fact that kids tend to get bored easily when travelling for long periods of time. There are ways to break the boredom and create an enjoyable experience for both parents and children. Download the GazziliWorld apps which are exciting learning games for kids! There are 5 games in all. GazziliWords, GazziliShapes, GazziliPuzzles, GazziliScience and GazziliMath. Totally awesome!

Learning games for kids

Be Prepared for the Trip with learning games for kids

There are ways you can prepare for a trip when traveling with children and to be honest the biggest and best tip anyone can give a parent with today’s advancements in technology is to take an iPad and make sure it is loaded up with different learning games for kids. The games will allow the kids to stay entertained during the trip. This will allow you to have a peaceful trip not having to listen to ‘are we there yet’ and ‘how much longer’ being repeated over and over!

One great place to get a lot of learning games for kids is GazziliWorld! You will be able to find a number of different fun apps that will inspire learning in science, vocabulary, shapes, math, and problem solving. The best games you can give your children are learning games that not only allow your child to be entertained but they will learn as they play. The more they play the more they learn. It’s that simple!

Learning games for kids

What GazziliWorld Apps Have to Offer

GazziliWorld offers tons of learning games for kids that you can download to your iPad, iPhone or iTouch. There are different apps that you can download for different learning activities and fun. All of the GazziliWorld games are available in 10 languages. The age range is targeted towards young children who are preschool age of 2 to 6 years old.

GazziliWords: This app is a very thought provoking learning game that enables your child to increase his or her vocabulary. It is a very interactive app and will keep your preschooler on their toes.

GazziliShapes: This game is very intriguing to kids and reinforces the learning of shapes while using exciting objects such as rocket ships.

GazziliPuzzles: This awesome app allows children to solve different types of puzzles which really get your child thinking. It helps kids in dexterity, concentration, and problem solving.

GazziliScience: A cool learning game that lets your preschooler dive right in to the science world learning early science in an interactive way. Don’t be too surprised when your child starts talking about the four seasons, parts of a plant, or even the water cycle.

GazziliMath: The math app will help your child learn basic math and foundation for life math concepts. This is done by creating a cool way to incorporate math concepts such as: counting, addition, and subtraction.

So any summer plans to hit the road? Don’t forget to bring your iPad that is loaded up with all of the GazziliWorld apps!

Happy learning!

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Learning games for kids in 9 new languages by GazziliWorld!

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Hi friends!  Well, here’s our big news in case you’ve missed it…GazilliWorld, your friendly educational learning games for kids, are bigger than ever!  What we mean is GLOBALLY bigger!!!  That’s right, our staff, including educational consultants and translators, have been very busy getting these preschool learning games translated into 9 additional languages!  We are really proud of this since we are among the first preschool educational game developers to do so, enabling children all around the globe to enjoy our 5 GazziliWorld apps: GazziliWords, GazziliShapes, GazziliPuzzles, GazziliScience and GazziliMath.

Multi language games for kids

Kids learn to speak multiple languages by playing games…

The adorable GazziliWorld gang including Purple, Lilly, Benito, Mimi, Tyler and Kenji are back in action enlightening preschoolers with kids learning games in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, Korean and Chinese! These cool preschool games make it so incredibly easy for your little ones to learn a second language while having so much fun! The design of the apps allows you to easily navigate between the different language  simply touching your screen.  There are so many reasons to explore this. Sometimes there is a second language spoken at home. Or there may be an exciting travel plan on the horizon.  You might even be looking for a new summer endeavor with your preschoolers.   Perhaps it’s just because it’s fun!  Whatever the reason is to pursue other languages for your kids, the GazziliWorld games have just the right blend of challenge, use of the new technologies and pure fun to keep your young children mesmerized as they are excelling at learning.
Learning games for kids
We are truly excited about this new major development at GazziliWorld.  We can’t wait for you to expose your kids to new languages through our iPad, iPhone and  iTouch apps!  So what are you waiting for…try a new language and share your experience with us today!
Happy learning!
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Tips for Getting Preschool Age Kids to Smile for Photos

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Why is it soo hard to get a toddler or preschooler to give you a great smile for a photo??  Because it just is!! And we GazziliWorlders, your source for preschool learning and preschool  games, just love photos and lots of them!  So, we’ve looked into it…
Ever asked a three year old to smile? If you have, you know that you generally end up with something more like a grimace than a grin. Toddlers and preschoolers are tough to photograph – getting pictures taken feels like a chore to them. They’d rather be running around and playing, so if you’ve convinced them to sit still for a minute, chances are you’ll end up with a cheesy smile or a grumpy look. Here are five ways to get a great, natural looking smile from your toddler or preschooler.


1. Start by chatting for a bit. You CANNOT just tell a toddler to please look at you and smile for a good picture and expect it to work. Some young kids are very shy and won’t even want to make eye contact with you, let alone smile at you. And believe me, little kids are stubborn – they’ll wait forever, looking everywhere except at you, until you’re ready to throw in the towel.


2. Offer a small, tidy treat. If your toddler is on the younger end and talking to her isn’t working you might end up with photo after photo with a really sad face:


3. Don’t ask for a smile – surprise him into one. If you request a smile from an obliging preschooler, you’ll probably end up with this:

4. Ask for a sad face. When he gives you a look like this:

…you can say, “Ok, now don’t smile. Don’t smile! Not even a tiny bit – no I’m serious, don’t smile!” Most kids bust up laughing after a few minutes of trying hard not to smile. (But don’t forgot to take a picture of the sad face as well!)

5. If all else fails, ask him to scream as loud as he can. It might take a little encouragement, but most little kids love to scream. And after they do – they’ll smile. You just can’t scream as loud as you can for no reason and then NOT smile. It’s a universal law of nature. Or something like that.
Good luck!  We hope this helps with your next photo shoot!!Let us know if you have any tips to add to ours…
With love from your Friends at GazziliWorld