Getting Back to the Routine of the Busy School Days

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Whether you are a student, a parent, or a teacher, you are probably regarding the start of the school year Kids walking to schoolwith a combination of excitement and trepidation. Busy school days will replace summer leisure, but the constant rush to get ready for five school days per week will also take up much of the free time that you are used to having. Here are some suggestions that will help you get back into the routine of the hustle and bustle of the school year.

Begin Busy School Days with a Morning Routine

The morning routine is the most difficult part of school days and the part that causes parents the most stress. The most hectic part of busy school days is getting kids to school or to the school bus on time; it is like an action movie that repeats itself every day, five days per week, for 36 weeks. The older kids get, the less they feel like getting up. Kindergarteners may jump out of bed, looking forward to their favorite breakfast or morning TV show, but with each passing year, kids are less enthusiastic about waking up.kid waiting for buss By the time they reach high school, many kids feel like zombies until about lunchtime. If you are the kind of person who can stand to get up early, you can give your kids something fun to look forward to in the morning, such as a pancake breakfast or getting to the bus stop fifteen minutes early and keeping track of how many cars of each color pass between the time you arrive and the time the bus comes. If your kids are in the habit of pressing the snooze button multiple times, you can make the morning routine less painful by doing as much of it as possible the night before. Pack your children’s lunches in the evening and, if possible, help your children choose what they will wear to school the following day. If your kids are teenagers who change their minds many times about what to wear, let them get the trying on clothes part out of the way before bed.


You can also help managing the morning routine by devoting time on weekends to get ready for the coming week. You can write a list on Sundays, just before you go to the supermarket, of what you will pack in your children’s lunches each day during the week. The children can be involved in the decision making, or they may tell you that they want you to surprise them. You can even help them choose a week’s worth of clothes right after you finish folding the laundry; it might even be a way to get them to help you fold the laundry.


Easing the Stress of Homework


The worst thing about busy school days is that they seem never to end. It doesn’t help that some schools think that elementary school students will learn more and become more responsible if they have lots of homework. No third grader who has been sitting in a classroom from 8:30 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon wants to spend an entire evening solving long division problems and writing sentences with new spelling words. Everyone needs some free time. kids doing homeworkIf you can get a copy of the homework assignments at the beginning of the week or view them online, you can allot some time for students to work on homework assignments more than a day before they are due. Then the student will not have to spend an entire evening on homework. This should help to ease the stress of your child before he or she has to tackle the next busy school day.

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Fun Preschool Apps That GazziliWorld Thinks Are Awesome!

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We love fun preschool apps at GazziliWorld! We’re passionate, enthusiastic, and we get downright giddy about so many different Preschool Educational Apps! Yes, it’s what we do. But we love that others are doing it great as well! Supplemental learning tools for the future minds of tomorrow. Our feeling? The more, the merrier.



Here are seven awesome Preschool Educational Apps we’re loving right now. As we’re approaching the end of the summer, and there are certainly family vacations on the horizon before the kids return to school, now is a great time to have some recommendations for the tablets and smart phones for travel time.


  • ‘Beck and Bo by Avokiddo’: This is an awesome, beautiful, creative adventure designed for Preschoolers and Toddlers. It has an easy to use drag-and-drop interface, with objects that easily fall into place when guided. The app allows little ones to move and interact with a variety of scenes, all the while learning what each is.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 6.27.13 PM


  • ‘Bubble Guppies: Animal School Days’: This app features characters from the popular Nick Jr. TV show, ‘Bubble Guppies’. Along with Mr. Grouper, Gil, Molly, and others, kids learn about 10 wild animals through 4 interactive games that teach about each animal’s diet, characteristics, and habitat.


  • ‘GazziliScience’: GazziliScience is a forward-thinking, fun app that teaches our Preschoolers important, prepare-for-life science concepts like ‘The Four Seasons’, ‘The Water Cycle’, and ‘Parts Of A Plant’. Learning science has never been this fun!

    Fun Preschool Apps

  • ‘Dr. Panda & Toto’s Treehouse’: This is such a fun preschool app! Little ones get to explore a cute turtle’s fun tree-house home by eating, playing, and exploring! There is no wrong way to explore—encouraging imagination—and there are no instructions, but using thought bubbles Toto shows kids what he needs or wants. Also—no language barriers, which is a plus for those not reading yet as well as non-English speakers.


  • ‘Fish School’: This is one fun, colorful, exciting app! An early learning app that reinforces knowledge of letters, numbers, shapes, and colors through fun play, the colorful fish theme is as visually creative as it is engaging!

    Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 6.37.28 PM

  • ‘Metamorphabet’: From the developers of ‘Levers’ and ‘Windosill’, this is an extremely fun preschool app is innovative approach to introducing, and playing with, letters. As kids move through the app, letters magically morph onto various pictures of things that start with the subject letter! What could be more enjoyable!


  • ‘GazziliShapes’: The second of all the apps released by GazziliWorld, this app is an eye-catching, mind-pushing app that reinforces early learning about one of the most important concepts surrounding all of us every day—shapes!

    Fun Preschool Apps


There are so many cool Preschool Educational Apps—it’s hard to know where to start. We hope this helps. Enjoy the end of the summer, and let’s get ready to get back to school!

The Screen Time Debate

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Is screen time detrimental to children’s development? – This is a question that sparked many debates between parents, educators and pediatricians.  First, the debate was centered on TV time and whether or not it was alienating our children. Then, as the computer started to be a household item, the discussion began to concentrate more on how video games affect our children. Today, with the rise of mobile devices, it seems that you cannot turn your head and not see someone in front of a screen.  Yet the question still remains – is screen time really detrimental to children’s development?


Educational benefits of games

Screen time

Recent research is putting to rest the old belief that digital media is harmful to young minds, and concentrating the issue more around the type of digital media that we allow our children to consume. As it turns out, it is not the screens that hurt our children, but rather the content they might come across. Parents may have an easier time curating the content their child comes in contact with rather than trying to limit or forbid the use of technology. Today’s children have a big advantage in a world where information technology is on the rise and digitalization seems to be a continuous trend: they are born with technology. They have access to it from early on and can develop the type of digital literacy that could help them succeed later on in life.  Moreover, studies have emerged that prove games help develop crucial learning and cognitive skills. Experiments have shown that, depending on game type, they can increase a player’s visuospatial ability, working memory, critical thinking and problem solving. In a video game, a child can more easily visualize and grasp complex concepts – for example they can actively and interactively learn to do basic math operations through play and in doing so, develop a logical understanding of mathematics.children screen time with educator  Or they can visualize natural phenomena that they may otherwise not see because of geographical limitations or because of the dangers said phenomena may pose (say aurora borealis or the forming of a tornado). With the use of technology and games kids can also experience history in a visual and interactive manner, which can in turn result not only in a better understanding of the past but also in a better understanding of the causality relationship between historical events.  In short, the limits of using technology for learning are only the ones that we ourselves impose.


So how can parents ensure that their children are engaged in a learning experience?

Make sure that the content to which kids have access is of high quality and provides the opportunity to develop new skills.

Engage with your children while using screens. Make playing a family activity and assist your child in the learning process.

Don’t let screen interactions be a substitute for social interactions.

And don’t forget: make learning fun!


We would like to hear from you. What is your experience regarding kids and electronic devices?

Do you limit screen time? What type of games/apps do you let your kids use?

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GazziliWorld’s Take on Family Diversity

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What does ‘Family’ mean to you? At GazziliWorld—we believe family is everything. It is where we as individuals come from, it is where we turn for strength. Family is about love, comfort, support, and guidance. Family, at its core, is something each and every person either has, or wants. And with good reason. But—when it comes to the central concept of what a family should be—in terms of what it looks like, how it’s made up—not only do different people have different beliefs in this regard, people have different feelings about what is the right age to start addressing with their young ones the definition of one of the most important, most relevant elements in all of our lives: Family.

family diversity

We Go Together…Family and Diversity

Why? Because in 2015, the discussion about family and diversity isn’t the same discussion that took place within earlier generations. Sure families have always been diverse, but today they are even more so with society all over the globe becoming more accepting, and more open, to people’s ideas, values, and decisions. At GazziliWorld, we believe that diversity is a good thing. We believe this is progress. But—the question about at what age is it time to start addressing the topic with our young ones of course remains. So…what is the right age to start discussing family diversity with younger minds?

The Decision To Make ‘Family’ A GazziliWord

GazziliWords, our interactive vocabulary App that helps kids understand more difficult words/concepts, is a terrific learning tool that like all our apps blends learning with fun. There are words like ‘Internet’, ‘Seed’, ‘Acceptance’, even ‘Blood’.

family diversity

  But when it came to the word ‘Family’, we were cautious. During GazziliWords development ‘Family’ was one of the first words on our list we wanted to develop, yet one of the last ones we actually did. Why? Because we wanted to get it just right. Not only do we understand people have very strong feelings, and ideas, about the concept of family and family diversity —as mentioned above—we respect those feelings and ideas tremendously. In 2015, families throughout the world come in all types of configurations. Some kids have a mother and a father, while others have two moms or two dads. Some children are being raised by one parent. Others are perhaps being raised by grandparents, or an aunt, or an uncle. The world is full of people of all different colors, sizes, and shapes—each beautiful in his or her own way. At GazziliWorld, we believe families of all kinds are beautiful in their own way as well. This, ultimately, is why we decided to take on the concept of ‘family’ as opposed to leaving it alone for now—families are, and will only become, more diverse. This is fact, this is real, and this is the world we are living in today—which is a good thing. The best we can do for our children—what we are obligated to do for our children—is arm them with as much knowledge as possible that prepares them for the world they are living in; the world they will be carrying forward. In 2015, family diversity is something to be celebrated. And something to be taught to our children.


How GazziliWorld Began Creating Fun Preschool Apps

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We all draw inspiration from different people, different places, and different things. A chef might smell a certain herb while visiting the countryside and envision a new dish to cook. A basketball player might see his or her dog move in a certain way while playing, and imagine in their mind a new move to get to the basket. A student may ask a question of his or her professor that prompts said professor to teach the topic at hand in a different way going forward.
One of my main sources for inspiration in all I do is my son. One night, when he was three and getting ready for bed, I was singing a song to him. In the lyrics of the song was the word ‘Fingerprint’. As if to stop me in my tracks, I felt his hand on my arm. I stopped singing. “Daddy,” he asked, “What’s a fingerprint?” I started to try and explain. I showed him the tip of his finger as I fumbled for the right words. Then I showed him the tip of my finger. The fact is, while I certainly knew what a fingerprint was, I was having difficulty explaining this word. Neither of us, it turns out, was happy with my explanation. “Huh,” I shrugged to myself.

fun preschool apps

GazziliWorld is born…welcome to the world of fun preschool apps!

It turns out my son had entered a serious ‘What is this? What is that?’ phase. Which meant within days I had been asked what words like ‘Seed’ and ‘Sweat’ and ‘Rainbow’ meant as well. I started to write the words that came my way down–and then it dawned on me perhaps I had the makings of a great children’s book in front of me. I mean–why not? What parents wouldn’t love a book that helps them explain more difficult words to their little ones in a fun way? I decided that while I needed the exact dictionary definition to get it right, I also needed a way for the explanation to be catchy, and fun, that a young child would enjoy hearing. Over the course of the next few weeks, through trial and error, I developed a unique formula for explaining each word that incorporated a number of common elements: the actual definition, rhyming, certain syllable parameters to stay within, and making sure if said word had multiple uses, each use (or as many as would fit the formula) would be touched on. As I worked on the first few words, the word list kept growing.

fun preschool apps


About a month or so after starting this book quest, I was in a work related meeting and someone was using an iPad. And right there—because of how the world had been changing with all of this new technology at our fingertips, technology that would be in all of our children’s hands going forward—it hit me. While a book would be a great medium for this project, a book would unfortunately end at the text and pictures. ‘But…what if it didn’t have to’, I wondered. ‘What if the text about one of these interesting, challenging words could then transform into an interactive activity that highlights said word in the context of the world we live in?’ I immediately reached out to someone I knew in the tech world. And within five minutes of sitting down together and speaking, he told me we could absolutely do this. Create fun preschool apps that are both educational as well as entertaining.

fun preschool apps

We began creating our Webby Award Nominated App GazziliWords. As we did, we realized that in order to ensure educational accuracy we needed to enlist top tier educational consultants—so we went out and found them. The rest, as they say, is history. Today we’re up to five apps—GazziliWords, GazziliShapes, GazziliPuzzles, GazziliScience, and GazziliMath–translated into ten total languages and counting. As rewarding, and interesting as the journey has been thus far, we couldn’t be more excited for the road that lies ahead as we continue to combine learning and fun for the great little minds of tomorrow. We hope you’ll join us.