Tips for Getting Preschool Age Kids to Smile for Photos

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Why is it soo hard to get a toddler or preschooler to give you a great smile for a photo??  Because it just is!! And we GazziliWorlders, your source for preschool learning and preschool  games, just love photos and lots of them!  So, we’ve looked into it…
Ever asked a three year old to smile? If you have, you know that you generally end up with something more like a grimace than a grin. Toddlers and preschoolers are tough to photograph – getting pictures taken feels like a chore to them. They’d rather be running around and playing, so if you’ve convinced them to sit still for a minute, chances are you’ll end up with a cheesy smile or a grumpy look. Here are five ways to get a great, natural looking smile from your toddler or preschooler.


1. Start by chatting for a bit. You CANNOT just tell a toddler to please look at you and smile for a good picture and expect it to work. Some young kids are very shy and won’t even want to make eye contact with you, let alone smile at you. And believe me, little kids are stubborn – they’ll wait forever, looking everywhere except at you, until you’re ready to throw in the towel.


2. Offer a small, tidy treat. If your toddler is on the younger end and talking to her isn’t working you might end up with photo after photo with a really sad face:


3. Don’t ask for a smile – surprise him into one. If you request a smile from an obliging preschooler, you’ll probably end up with this:

4. Ask for a sad face. When he gives you a look like this:

…you can say, “Ok, now don’t smile. Don’t smile! Not even a tiny bit – no I’m serious, don’t smile!” Most kids bust up laughing after a few minutes of trying hard not to smile. (But don’t forgot to take a picture of the sad face as well!)

5. If all else fails, ask him to scream as loud as he can. It might take a little encouragement, but most little kids love to scream. And after they do – they’ll smile. You just can’t scream as loud as you can for no reason and then NOT smile. It’s a universal law of nature. Or something like that.
Good luck!  We hope this helps with your next photo shoot!!Let us know if you have any tips to add to ours…
With love from your Friends at GazziliWorld



Morning Rush

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Some mornings with young kids can be complete bedlam in the house.  Maybe your little ones woke up later than usual.  Or maybe you did!  But trying to get a good breakfast into them before the out-the-door rush can be challenging.  So GazziliWorld has been looking into this and we’ve found some really healthy solutions that take very little time on one of these chaotic mornings.  Here are our suggestions for on-the-go breakfasts that will give your kids energy to get through the morning:

Dressed-up Yogurt

This is a quick way to add sweetness and crunch to plain yogurt. You’ll get the nutritious benefits of yogurt without the excess sugar so often found in flavored yogurts.


What you need:
7 oz container plain yogurt (I recommend Greek yogurt)
1 Tbsp. raspberry jam (or any other favorite)
1 tsp. honey
2 Tbsp. toasted almonds, roughly chopped

Combine all ingredients in the yogurt container. Grab a spoon and go!

Extra: Any jam or nut combination can be added.


Breakfast Pizza Margherita

Now you can let the kids have pizza for breakfast with this healthy English muffin-version. The tang of the tomatoes, the creaminess from the cheese and the fresh burst of basil are just as delicious in the morning.

What you need:
1 whole wheat english muffin
1 large slice of tomato
1/4 cup shredded mozzarella
*optional fried egg
1 tsp fresh basil, finely chopped

Turn on your broiler.

Top one half of the English muffin with the sliced tomato and then shredded mozzarella. Place it on a baking sheet, along with the other half of the English muffin. Slide under the broiler. Broil until the cheese is melted and browned in places. Remove from the oven and add the fried egg, if desired, and the fresh basil. Top with the other half of the English muffin.



Frozen Fruit Smoothie

These fruity, creamy shakes are refreshing. They come together in minutes, use ingredients that you most likely have on hand, and pack nutrition and energy in every satisfying sip.

What you need:
2 cups frozen berries or fruit
2 Tbsp. orange juice concentrate (or 1/2 cup orange juice)
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup yogurt
1 frozen banana
1 Tbsp. honey

Add all ingredients to your blender and blend until completely smooth.


We hope these help your mornings!  And we’ll be on the look-out for more.  Please let us know how they work out in your household…


Hugs from your Friends at GazziliWorld


Frozen Wins!

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Kudos from your GazziliWorld team!!  Just in, Disney’s global hit, “Frozen” won best animated film, marking-though somewhat remarkably-the studio’s first win in the 14 years of the best animated feature category! Yay!   (Pixar, which Disney owns, has regularly dominated.)  With box office that recently passed $1 billion globally, the film was sure to be the biggest hit to take home an Oscar.



“We are just trying to make films that touch people,” said co-director Chris Buck backstage. “Once in a while, you get lucky.”
Well, your friends at GazziliWorld are huge fans of films that touch people, especially little people.  We couldn’t be happier about this award. Have your kids seen “Frozen” yet?  If not, put it at the top of your list and let us know if they enjoyed it.  What a great family film!  Awesome production from Disney…:)
 xo’s from your Friends at GazziliWorld


Best Animated Short Film

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GazziliWorld loves what has written about a wonderful Animated Short Film that’ been nominated for an Oscar.  We think your kids will love this one!



Room on the Broom, has received a nod for Best Animated Short. Based on the picture book by Julia Donaldson (author of modern classic The Gruffalo), the quick flick tells the tale of a cheerful witch, her faithful feline companion, and three helpful animals they meet. The cat’s not so thrilled to share precious broomstick space with the new critters but finds that they must ultimately work together to save their beloved witch from a hungry dragon. The sweet soundtrack and beautifully rendered characters has hooked  kids, ages 3 and 6, after just one viewing, and they often  ask to watch the 25-minute short again and again. Given the lovely lessons the film imparts—the rewards that come from making new friends and cooperating with your peers— we think any of us would be more than happy to oblige!  Enjoy!  And let us know if you agree…

Hugs from your Friends at GazziliWorld

More Snow is Coming in the NorthEast

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Most kids live for snow days.:)  That is, if they live in an area where they can get them!  It looks like a large part of the country is gearing up for lots more snow. And even if you don’t live there, we GazilliWorlders are pretty sure you must know some families that do. The minute the Weather channels forecast what is coming, kids are already planning their strategy…when the sledding will happen, where the snowman will be built, what his nose and eyes will be made of, and how to surprise a buddy with the first snow ball!
We came across what we think is a terrific list of fun snow activities, that are super for preschoolers.  Let us know if you have any others to add:  Hope these will add to your fun family  time if the blizzard they are predicting really hits!  ( If not, you can always save it for next time!)
  1. Make targets in the snow with hula hoops or by drawing in the snow with a big stick. Have a snowball tossing contest to see who can score the most points.
  2. Host a scavenger hunt. Hide a ball or a carrot or something brightly-colored in the snow. Give the kids clues to find it.
  3. Paint the snow using food coloring and paint brushes or colored water in a spray bottle.
  4. Play ice cream shop. Find a clear, clean patch of snow and bring out your ice cream scooper and some ice cream cones. (Make sure to point out which snow is OK to eat and which isn’t.)
  5. Don’t forget your feathered friends. Make a bird feeder out of pine cone slathered with peanut butter and dipped in birdseed. Hang from a snowy branch.
  6. Look for animal tracks and guess what type of animal made them.
  7. Make a snow mini-golf course. Bury plastic cups and see if you can get a hole in one. If you don’t have a golf club or hitting the ball is too hard, try rolling the ball in.
  8. Haul out shovels and pails from the summer and make snow castles.
  9. Speaking of summer gear, take out the tubes and boogie boards too. See who can slide the furthest on the slick surface.
  10. Put on your biggest pair of snow boots and hike out a path in the snow. See if the kids can stay in your footprints.
  11. Play follow the leader and attempt to skip, run and hop in the snow with your kids behind you, doing the same things.
  12. If possible, gather up pine cones, rocks, sticks and other outside materials. Make art with what you find.
  13. You’ve played pin the tail on the donkey, now try to put the nose on the snowman!
  14. Play tic tac toe. Draw the board in the snow with a stick and use pine cones and rocks for the x’s and o’s.
  15. Play freeze tag. The person who is “it” must try to tag the other players. Once you are tagged, you must “freeze” in place until another player tags you and sets you free. Once all the players have been tagged, choose someone else to be “it.”
Hugs from Your Friends at GazziliWorld