Snowy Day Activities for your Preschoolers

Written by The GazziliWorld Team|Feb 14, 2014|0 comments

Like many of you out there, our team at GazziliWorld is coping with mountains of snow too.  And being stuck in the house with the kiddies looking for fun things to do….Well, the first thing we suggest is to grab the iPad, iPhone or iTouch and start them playing with our assorted apps!  We’re talking about GazziliWords, GazziliShapes, GazziliPuzzles, GazziliScience and the newest addition, GazziliMath.  We think it’s most fun to move around from one to the next for a variety of activities…Now while they’re engaged with these fun apps, they might love an adorable wintery snack.  Here’s a really cute one you can make with your kids.  It’s from  Soo easy:Marshmallow Snowmen: put three jumbo marshmallows on a plate to create the snowman’s body. Add chocolate chips for eyes and buttons and a butterscotch chip for the nose. Then, stick the whole thing in the microwave for about 7 seconds. Take out and attach thin pretzel sticks for arms. Then, enjoy this gooey treat! How great!

And if the weather turns warm enough for the kids to venture out after the indoor tech activities :), here’s an activity we love that you can make together indoors and then transfer to the outdoors for the fun of family observation; Bird Feeders! Perfect for when it is snowing the birds have a harder time finding food.  Now’s your chance to help out and give the kids an educational something to do! You can roll a toilet paper or papertowel holder with peanut butter and popcorn (or bird seed if you have some). Watch for the birds to appear and let the fun begin…

And if it gets warm enough to stay outdoors, we love this super easy and and always fun, ‘Snow Paint’ for a boost of winter creativity. According to , there’s nothing to it: All you need are spray bottles with adjustable nozzles and food coloring. Can even find squeeze bottles at the dollar store. Gel food coloring provides the most  vibrant colors. (especially fuchsia, regal purple, mint green and orange). Regular liquid food coloring can also be used, but these gels are the type of food coloring that can really be used for everything-from frosting to craft projects it is great! Please let us know about your favorite snowy day activities. We always love to know. about what interests you!

Have fun and enjoy the snow while it lasts!

Hugs from your friends at GazziliWorld




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