Weekly List of Parenting and Education Articles

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We’re starting this week with a link roundup on our blog. You can find all of past week’s parenting and education articles, just in case you missed any one of them.


Parenting  Articles

{Kid Hacks} 2 Easy Ways to Put One a Jacket – Teaching a child independence and self-reliance starts with small steps, like putting on a jacket all alone or tying one’s shoes.

Why Kids Lie – Age by Age – Kids (sometimes) lie. As a parent, it is normal to want to know why they bend the truth and it there is something to worry about. This article will give you an insight into why kids lie at different stages in their life. It may be just overactive imagination.

These Storage Hacks Will Change Your Life – Red Tricycle is coming to parent’s aid with storage hacks for every corner of the house your kids might have taken over.

5 Supereasy Tricks to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy – Getting your little ones to eat healthy can turn into a difficult task. Singer and actress Thalia gives us 5 tricks to help make healthy eating easier.

Positive Child Guidance: A Look at Discipline vs. Punishment – Discipline doesn’t necessarily mean punishment. Sometimes all we need to get our child to behave appropriately is patience. Proactive discipline may be more effective than traditional punitive discipline.

Dad Illegally Installs Stop Signs in His Neighborhood to Curb Speeding Drivers – This dad made news when he installed stop signs in his neighborhood to slow down drivers. Unfortunately, police did not approve of his gesture.  It makes us wonder how far we would go to protect our children.

To The Parents of Bullies – Bullying is a very important issue. While we are always thinking of ways to help our kids cope or protect them from bullies, but what would we do if our child was the bully? The author tries an exercise in empathy to figure out how he would behave if his child was a bully.

7 Tips for the Perfect Sleepover – Sleepovers can give parents quite a challenge when it comes to organizing. These 7 tips can help you organize a stress free sleepover.

Carving Pumpkins with Kids – Pumpkins are in season and carving can be a great activity to do with the kids.


Education Articles

I Spy Numbers Activity (0-5) – This activity will help you teach your little one numbers in a fun and interactive way.

Reading with Babies and Toddlers: Extending Learning with Play – Exposing your child to literacy early on is very important for development. This article provides practical tips for involving even the youngest ones into story time.

Benefits of Play for Children – Children learn most from playing. The importance of play for children needs to be emphasized even more these days when preschools and kindergartens are focusing more on academic learning.

A New Study Says Day Care Doesn’t Make Kids More Aggressive  – If you were contemplating sending your child to day care, but you feared he may turn more aggressive – you need to read this article. Day care does not appear to make children behave worse.

Fall STEM Challenge for Kids: Leaf Sculptures – STEM skills have gained the attention of educators and parents lately. And for a good reason, jobs that require STEM skills seem to dominate the work force. It’s no surprise, then that parents are trying to teach their child stem skills as early as they can.

What Kinds of Homework Seems to Be More Effective – When it comes to homework, not every assignment is equal. At the start of this school year, there were a lot of discussions regarding the use and quantity of assignments students get. With this in mind we need to ask : What can be done to make homework more effective?

Finger Print Monsters – This activity is great for making art with your kids. You can even use this skill later to decorate the house for Halloween.

How Wordless Books Can Help a Kid Learn to Read – This article from Common Sense Media is full of good suggestions for wordless books. Even if they have no words, these books can be a good way to introduce your child to literature.

Children’s Book about the Immigration Experience – This article, a part of our Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, will give you great literary resources to help teach your child about immigration. Even if your do not come from a family that recently immigrated to another country, your child can benefit from learning what it means to be an immigrant.

How to Teach Your Preschooler about Seasons : Fall Edition – In this article we are exploring activites that help teach a child about seasons and fall. You can also use the activities for a family weekend.


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