Leaves and Trees Activity for Preschoolers

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Ah, Fall… The season that turns parks and streets into scenery for beautiful and colorful pictures. The season that turns every sweet into pumpkin spice and brings us closer to nature. Whether is by picking apples, carving pumpkins or taking long walks in the park, Fall will probably have you spending more time outside. While we love for kids to learn about nature by using our GazziliScience app, we must admit that getting them outside of the house can prove for a great learning opportunity as well. Since trees are one of the stars of this season, we are choosing a leaves and trees match game that will have your children learn about how diverse nature really is.


Here is what you need to do:

  1. Take a look at the set of pictures posted below
  2. Look at the legend at the end of the article to find out each tree’s name
  3. Along with your preschooler try to match each tree with a leaf
  4. While doing the matching, make sure to pay attention to the differences between each leaves
  5. After matching each tree to a leaf, try to guess in which season the pictures were taken

*6. Post your results in the comments below

*7. Share with us a picture of trees and leaves you can find in our area and see if we guess their names

leaves and trees                     colaj pomi 1 numerotat

colaj frunze 2 numerotat                       colaj pomi2 numerotat

Legend : a. = Sycamore Tree, b. = Scarlet Oak, c.= Black Ash, d. = Pine, e. =Cucumber Tree, f. = Cherry Tree, g. = Butternut Tree


We’d love to see your results.


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